Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 9 - Split, Hvar, Croatian Towns are all looking the same now

Seen one Dalamtian port town, seen them all.  Today we saw three, starting with Bidding farewell to Trogir around 8:30 a.m., as the massive crowds were beginning to arrive.  Scooted out of there just in time to get to Split for the car drop off.  And while we had several hours to wander around, it was much too hot to do anything but take a simple stroll through the Old Town! Complete with Roman ruins and reenactments, and then wait in a shady cafe for our ferry to Hvar.

Eventually we made it to Hvar, and our first upscale hotel of the trip, although it won't be winning any Conde Nast surveys, I'm afraid.  But it has a beautiful location, a beautiful pool, and all the amenities.  So, after a walk into the - where else - Old Town for an early dinner, we're spending the night in for a change, and looking forward to a solid night's sleep with no place to go and nothing to do in the a.m.   We can do the "night thing" tomorrow night.