Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 8 - The Lakes

Since a walking trail ride was not enough for Ellery, we arose early this morning, skipped out on breakfast, and headed back to the stables so Ellery could get in a 2 hours galloping session before we hit Plivice Lakes. 


Once she was done, we headed for the lakes for a spectacularly beautiful 4 hour hike.  The park was packed to the gills, but still magnificent.  It reminded me of the waterfalls in Laos, but on a much bigger scale.  Then again, unlike in Laos, no swimming was allowed.  (For those interested in such things, it is possible to hike in flip-flops if your feet are still too blistered from the prior hike to put on real shoes, but you may regret your decision when you stub your foot on a few sharp rocks).

After the lakes, we drove several hours to our next destination, Trogir, stopping for a quick lunch and some nice views along the way. 

 Trogir was also packed full of people, as we took the obligatory nightly stroll through the Old Town which, although tiny, had some happening nightlife and some nice little quiet spots.