Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 6 - Relaxation

Today we did ... Nothing.  Slept in.  Took the ferry to St. Catharine island.  Sat on the beach.  Swam in the ocean.  Slept.  Read.  Took ferry back. 

And then, walking back to the hotel, we heard something familiar - the street musician who had so captivated us in Ljubljana was now in Rovinj.  So we sat on the street and listened to him play until the streets were nearly empty.  Spent some time talking with him in between his sets.  Bought a CD of his music - Vincent van Hessen.  From Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, played in the subways in New York, makes quite a good living traveling the world and playing in the streets.  And it's no surprise, as he had the entire town captivated.