Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 5 -Horses and Sunsets

Today we drove from Ljubljana to Rovinj.  The travel agency suggested stopping at some caves along the way.  We scrapped that.  It also suggested some castles.  Nope.  But the third suggestion was the winner - a few hours at Lipica, the original Lippizaner stud farm.  It was definitely a nice diversion; we saw some training and toured the stables and farm.  Not nearly as beautiful as Kentucky Hirose farms but a nice diversion.


Two hours later and we were in Rovinj.  Immediate disgust filled me - pretty on the outside, cheap tourist hell on the inside.  Like a perverted Chania (my favorite port town anywhere).  And we were here for two days!  Immediately I tried to book a day trip tomorrow for Venice, but no luck - all sold out.  So, I'd have to make the best of it.  

And then, slowly, I realized this isn't such a bad place.  Behind the tourist crap are some beautiful little streets and shops, and some good cafes and restaurants.  In the evening we went for a sunset boatride that was well worth the time.  OK, I think I can stay another day.