Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 14 - And Now For Something A Little Different

It wouldn't be one of our classic summer trips if we didn't hit at least 3 countries, and today we did that by going to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  A formerly war-torn town in a formerly war-torn country, here you can really see why "Yugoslavia" was never really one country, as the Muslim influence here is, while relatively benign (few hajibs, etc.), so contrasting to everything else we've seen.  The old bridge is a spectacular site, and we were able to see one of the bridge divers jump, after walking around the small town streets lined with vendors of every kind, from cheap trinkets to some very nice art galleries.  All in all, a nice diversion for the day.

Home in Dubrovnik was another evening stroll on our second-to-last day of vacation.