Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 10 - Hvar, on a boat

Today was one of those do-almost-nothing days.  The morning was spent poolside, doing nothing.

Then we walked into the Old Town and went sailing - kind of.  The lack of wind resulted in most of the trip being under power, but we still took a nice spin around the nearby Pakleni Islands, dropping anchor twice for a brisk swim.  Although we had snorkeling gear, this really isn't a snorkeling place - because it isn't hot all year (although it is burning hot now) there is no coral and, consequently, just a few boring fish.  But the water is crystal clear; you can easily see 15 feet down or more.

After, we had a nice dinner on the bay and then walked into town to see the nightlife - which is much younger, wilder and drunken than any of the other places we've been - a scene that I'm too old for and Ellery is thankfully too young for.