Monday, July 29, 2013

Days 1 and 2 - Rain Delays

So, we were all set at the airport, boarding passes at the ready, until the rains came.  Lots of it.  pouring rain.

The net result was that our flight to Frankfort was delayed by four hours.  Which of course meant no hope for making our connection to Zagreb.  (It did, however, allow me to confirm to the police that the alarm that went off was storm-related and not thief related, and to have Lee check things out ANC walk Pepper since Lisa was stuck in rain-created traffic).  Undaunted, and with a few easily-placed phone calls (Amex was worthless, Lufthansa was great) was able to snag 2 of the last 4 seats on a later flight.  Side benefit - the connection was so tight that we weren't forced to spend any extra time in the hellhole that is the Frankfort Airport transit area.

And really, being late didn't make a whole lot of difference.  As we had been forewarned, Zagreb has little to offer in the way of interesting or unique experiences.  The hotel is fine, right on the central square, which looks pretty much like every other European central square.  

We walked around the old part of town discovering, well, not much. 

Except the Museum of Broken Relationships,  Really, an excellent place where people send mementos of past relationships.  Funny, touching, tragic.  Well worth the $5 entrance fee.

Really, how awesome is that?  So, maybe it is fitting that this museum is surrounded by Nikola Tesla homages everywhere.  As Els asked, "So, what, is he like the only Croatian who's famous?"  Um, maybe,

Dinner was at a nice little Italian place near the hotel, with a walk and ice cream after.  

And now bed.