Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 3 - Ljubljana

This is not Disneyland after closing.  It is Ljubljana, Slovenia after they've rolled up the sidewalks, one of the most delightful European towns I've been to - despite the fact that it is overrun with tourists.  Because it doesn't feel at all like a tourist town.

Today began with a quick trip to the farmers market in Zagreb.  Lots of beautiful looking produce, and crappy carved shit.  As I said, it was a quick trip.

At 9 am, we were in our car and on our way to Slovenia.  The border was probably less than 30 minutes away, but it was one of those crossings where you immediately knew you were in a different country (ironic, in a way, since until a decade ago, these weren't separate countries).  The landscape was simply different - more green, a bit more hilly, and more dotted with small villages ("Ellery, should we stop at that castle?" "It's not in the guidebook, so no."). And more western European in some undefined way.  


We arrived in Ljubljana around 11, dropped the bags off at the hotel, and wandered for the next 5 hours.  Basically, we walked up and down the quaint main street and across the canal several times, stopping for coffee, for ice cream, for lunch, and the many outdoor cafes.  About the only "sights"we saw were the town hall and the castle, neither of which really merited the detour from strolling.  


After a late afternoon nap, we strolled some more, ending the evening eating cheese and drinking carpaccio while listening to an excellent street musician.  No deep meanings here, but really a perfect vacation day.