Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Road to Cleveland


July 13 -- Really, did you expect to find us anywhere else for breakfast? Piggy’s it is.

Some observations. Jordan eats virtually nothing. Jordan has a sharp, sarcastic sense, but in a very quiet way. It’s nice to see someone give it back to Ellery every now and again. And Jordan texts constantly – really, how much is there to say and how many people are there to say it to? Ugh, I’m old; this is the comment of an old person who just doesn’t “get it.”

IMG-20110713-00008So, after Piggy’s the journey really began. We hit the road just before 9, heading to our first stop – Pittsburgh. To be honest, this was much of Pennsylvania that I had never seen before – there are some mountains here, and lots of rolling farmland, and some beautiful views. Unfortunately, Jordan slept through much of it; Ellery read through much of it. We passed through State College, near Altoon and Johnston, past Nanty Glo. We stopped at the side of the road for peaches and sweet corn, and then we came into Pittsburgh. I had never been here before, and driving into the city is a pretty awesome sight. Just through a tunnel, just as you curve around a bend, the city appears, all towers and bridges.

I had decided that the Andy Warhol Museum would be a good focal point for this first day; little did I know that Jordan loves Andy Warhol. So, she and Ellery lingered long in rooms of pictures and videos that, to be honest, I just didn’t get. If a museum is supposed to increase your appreciation of an artist, for me, the Andy Warhol Museum failed. But not for the two of them, so the stop, including a brief walk around Pittsburgh, was a success.

IMG_3456 IMG-20110713-00010 IMG-20110713-00012

IMG-20110713-00016 IMG-20110713-00015

Another interesting note; Jordan is so unfamiliar with cities, and particularly northeast cities, that I think she’s rather taken aback by the age, the grime, the small houses. In her mind, it all looks like ghetto, when in reality, it’s just a city.

From Pittsburgh, it was on to Cleveland, our planned stop for the evening. It was a relatively short drive, punctuated by the usual Pennsylvania highway road construction (indeed, the drive from Lake Harmony to Pittsburgh had no less than 5 construction IMG-20110713-00017areas). Arrival was relatively uneventful, but dinner was comical, as we arrived at the small cafe across the street just as it was closing. Still, we were served and ate as quickly as possible while the waitress did her best not to push us out the door while, effectively, pushing us out the door.

After, the girls headed down to the hotel swimming pool, while I headed to the hotel bar to meet up with Jay, a friend I hadn’t seen in a year. It was wonderful catching up with him and we talked for a quite a bit before I returned to the room, instructed the girls to turn off the electronics that were occupying their time, and get some sleep.