Monday, July 25, 2011

Relax and Reload

IMG-20110725-00122July 25 --  For nearly the first time since the trip began, Jordan was up without any prodding and quickly packed.  If there was any doubt last night that she was ready to go home, it was resolved.  She wanted to go home.  So, we drove to the airport, again in silence but, this time, not an angry one.  I asked her if she wanted me just to drop her off and she said no, so I helped her check in and walked her to security.  As I told her that I hoped we’d see her again, maybe in a less stressful situation, and that I really did like her, she gave me a slight smile as she headed through the screeners.

Yesterday and today were days when I really needed friends; I was amazingly lucky, really, to have them waiting for me in Denver.

While I was sad to see Jordan go, things really did lighten up; it was really the best thing for all of us.  I returned to Denver proper and joined Leslie and Ellery for breakfast.  Soon, we picked up Gabe and explored the 16th Street Mall in a bit more depth, and made our way to the capital for the obligatory sighting of the mile-high marker (although I’m told there are three of them and no one is really sure which step is a mile high).  Eventually, Phil and Rachel also joined us, and we spend several nice hours just hanging by the swimming pool.  At which point Ellery suggested that the women all get pedicures so, off we went and had our toes painted.

Denver-20110725-00120  IMG_3788  IMG_3791

After saying good-bye to Phil, Leslie, Rachel and Gabe, we returned to our room briefly, but were soon picked up by David and Anne, and we all headed to a very cute little neighborhood overlooking the city for a nice Mexican dinner at Lola, a stroll around the neighborhood, and a drive through various parts of Denver (which included our sighting of a Calatrava bridge under construction – we’ve now seen four Calatravas on three different continents).  Denver really is a lovely city; lots of diverse neighborhoods, a solid city center, and enviable natural beauty.

Denver-20110725-00125  Denver-20110725-00124  Denver-20110725-00130  Denver-20110725-00129