Thursday, July 21, 2011

Geysers and Springs

IMG_3704July 21 – Back into Yellowstone with one destination in mind – Old Faithful. So, it was back on the highway 30 miles to the East Entrance, then 27 miles past Yellowstone Lake, then 21 miles to West Thumb (see where I’m going with this? Even reaching this trip’s destination does not mean the end of driving), crossing the Continental Divide, IMG_3695then a final 17 miles to Old Faithful.

Woah. Masses of people. I’m thinking there are people who come to Yellowstone, see this geyser, and then leave. Which is, honestly, what we did. We arrived just after it spouted so had lunch and waited the 75 minutes or so for the next eruption. As did lots and lots of other people. And while Old Faithful didn’t disappoint, I have to say it was a bit anti-climatic. But, it can now be checked off the “been there, done that” list.

IMG-20110721-00075 IMG_3699 IMG_3707

IMG_3704 IMG_3706

Much more interesting and impressive were the pools a Midway Geyser Basin, a bit further up the road. Beautiful blue steaming turquoise ponds surrounded by red and orange clay. Really beautiful to see.



We then headed back, stopping briefly at Kepler Cascades, a very picturesque little waterfall.

IMG_3729 IMG_3730IMG_3731

After about an hour break at the cabin, we headed back into Cody for dinner and the rodeo. We had a really fine meal (truly) at a restaurant near the stadium, and then headed in for the evening’s festivities.

Cody-20110721-00078-13 IMG_3746

Another disappointment. The “show” was corny and at time offensive (Brokeback Mountain jokes the prime offenders), and the riders themselves were not that good or graceful. It was like seeing a bad bullfight, but without the bill dying. We were more than happy to leave after the bull-riding, back to our cabin for the night.