Thursday, July 28, 2011

Duck Walk!

IMG_3849July 28 – We did more today than I ever expected.

Up early, our goal was to see the National Civil Rights Museum first thing in the morning, then head back to the hotel for the 11:00 a.m. duck walk, and from there to Graceland.  So, we took the Main Street trolley down to the Lorraine Motel and were there well in advance of the opening time.  And yes, I felt very guilty that we rushed through the museum in an hour and a half – it was well worth a longer trip, but Ellery was determined to see the ducks and, well, I wasn’t going to let her down.  But, there was a lot to be had in that hour and a half – I had forgotten how well-done the exhibits were, and there was a half-hour film about MLK, Jr.’s last days that was really very good.  In the end, the only part of the museum that we gave short shrift to was the portion in the building where James Earl Ray took his shot, dealing with his capture and prosecution. 


We did make it back to the Peabody in time for the duck walk, which Ellery dutifully captured on video.  It was, indeed, quite fun and I’m glad we saw it.

The Peabody Ducks

IMG-20110728-00166  IMG_3844  IMG-20110728-00167

IMG-20110728-00168 Then it was back on the road, just a few miles, to Graceland.  IMG_3851Is it wrong that we spent more time at Graceland than at the Civil Rights Museum?  Probably, but Graceland is so over-the-top, so kitchy fun, how can you not take the time to see all the gaudiness that was Elvis? 


Up until this morning, we really had no plans for after Memphis, just the quickest route home.  But then I noticed that Mammoth Cave in Kentucky was a possibility.  The longest known cave in the world, it couldn’t be missed.  So that’s where we headed, arriving at the delightfully run-down, old-fashioned Mammoth Cave Hotel within the National Park (this was our 11th National Park of the trip, in case you’re counting) well after dark, where we were greeted by a small snake at our front door.  After shooing him away, we made it inside just in time to fall fast asleep.IMG-20110728-00170