Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Day On The Road

Stateline-20110726-00131July 26 – This will be a short update because today was nothing but a long, long, long day in the car, driving from Denver to Kansas City, Mo. Lots of driving, punctuated by only two stops of any note: Fort Hays, Kansas (where there is an EnerSys plant, and where my friend Katherine went to school) and the Brookville Hotel in Abeliene for the best fried chicken dinner anywhere.

Hays-20110726-00135 IMG_3821 Hays-20110726-00136 Abilene-20110726-00139 Blue-20110726-00144

Oh, and we did stay at the same crappy Holiday Inn as the Kansas City Chiefs, back in training after the lock-out ended. Those are some big, big guys.