Sunday, July 18, 2010

Planning the Next Trip - Curacao

Well, better late than never, summer vacation plans have been set. No big trip this year -- Greece and Turkey, New Zealand, and all the other places that had been in the mix will go back into the line-up. For this year, a simple week in Curacao.
Our hotel for the trip -- the Hotel Kura Hulanda. I think the website describes it well:

Hotel Kurá Hulanda Spa and Casino is a 80-room luxury boutique resort located within a village complex known as Project Kurá Hulanda an initiative of Jacob Gelt Dekker. This historic and environmental preservation project is funded by the Jade Foundation, which was established by Jacob Gelt Dekker and John Padget. Within this village complex are several outstanding properties in addition to the hotel, which comprise the project that spans 8-blocks. These properties include a 21st century conference center, the Museum Kurá Hulanda (a world-acclaimed anthropological museum), Spa Kurá Hulanda, and the Casino Kurá Hulanda.

The hotel boasts 80 guest rooms and suites, no two of which are alike. Every accommodation features hand carved furnishings, antiques and art, hand-painted walls, luxurious comforters and fine linens, creating an international appeal infused with modern touches such as flat screen televisions and high speed wireless internet.

Ah, but it gets even better, because we'll be there for the first Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival. I know it doesn't sound like much, but the line-up includes Lionel Richie, George Benson, Simply Red, Natalie Cole, John Legend and Sergio Mendes.

Yeah, who knew Simply Red still existed?