Saturday, September 5, 2009

Swimming With The Fishes

Today was a marvelously relaxing way to end our vacation.

Early in the morning, we set out with Rene, Billy and the crew to Laughingbird Caye, a small atoll about 1/2 hour away by boat. Along the way, we had the good fortune of being followed for a bit by several dolphin, which gave the kids a real thrill.

The Caye is tiny and uninhabited with the exception of the park ranger who makes sure that there's no fishing and no removal of coral or shells from the area. While Billy and Rene went scuba diving a bit offshore, the rest of us went snorkeling ... and it was fabulous. We saw a greater variety of fish than I've seen anywhere else, parrotfish and angelfish and barracudas and nurse sharks and dozens of others. The coral itself was not particularly vibrant but the fish more than made up for it. Lunch was on the island and then a second snorkel/dive and home we came.

The rest of the day was pure relaxation ... napping, sitting by the pool, and enjoying dinner with the Raineys. The evening ended with a spectacular full moon over the ocean (I really couldn't capture it on film but I tried) and a painful sunburn ... but well worth it.