Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Not The Destination ...

It's the journey. Or so they say.

We started out at the crack of dawn, or rather, before the crack of dawn, to catch our 5:30 flight to Houston. So far, so good ... until we get to Houston and learn that our flight to Belize has been canceled. Rather than booking us on an earlier flight, we were rebooked on a much later flight. Attempts to get on the earlier flight failed due to the fact that our luggage couldn't travel on the later flight without us (9/11 regs) and so we spent a lengthy 6+ hours in the Houston airport, hanging in the Continental President's club.

And, of course, the later flight was also delayed a good hour, so by the time we arrived in Belize, most of our plans were shot. After spending some time convincing Immigration that I *couldn't* have brought a letter from Ellery's father allowing her to travel without him because she had no father (he needed to go up 2 levels of the command chain with her birth certificate to authorize our entry into the country), and then listening to him tell me how I had to teach her about Jesus Christ (I guess the star of David around my neck was either invisible or seen as an invitation), we finally got out of the airport and found William, as expected, with a big welcoming smile (and sign).

The zoo was out because it was so late, so instead we stopped at a little place called "Old Belize" for dinner -- a man-made lagoon and a nice little restaurant. The rest of the drive was lovely; William was great entertainment and a wealth of local information about the Mennonite, the local population, and all that there might be to do.

We finally got to Chaa Creek around 8 p.m., and so tired we immediately fell asleep in our rustic cabin overlooking the river.