Monday, August 25, 2008

Jordan:The Blog -- Day Eight

Again no internet (and tomorrow as well) so some thoughts on Israel will have to wait.

Today was an amazing day. The border crossing was long and tedious involving waiting, shuttle buses, more waiting, etc.

We were picked up by our driver of the day, Mansur, and immediately set off to Mt. Nebo, from where Moses allegedly saw Israel. There were significant excavations going on but what stood out the most were the mosaics. Quite beautiful.

Then to the nearby town of Mandaba where we stopped for lunch and a view of a mosaic map of the middle east dating from the Sixth Century at St. Gregory's church.

Next we headed down the King's Highway, crossing Wadi Mujib, a spectacular canyon on the scale of the Grand Canyon.

From there we went to the Crusader Castle of Karak. Magnificent. Almost empty, fairly unspoiled and incredible to walk through.

Finally we arrived at our home for the evening - Wadi Musa, just outside Petra, which we visit tomorrow morning.

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