Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jewish Geography in Israel

Before leaving for Israel, I discovered that I would know two families who were staying in the same hotel as we are in Jerusalem - one of my opposing counsel and my friend Heidi, whose daughter Molly is Ellery's age. Turns out that Heidi knows the sister-in-law of my opposing counsel, who was also going the be there with my opposing counsel.
At the hotel pool our first day in Jerusalem, Ellery met a little girl named Gabriella who was on the same trip with Heidi and Molly.
Two days later and we're now in Tiberias. At the pool, Ellery makes friends with Elan. Elan, it turns out, is friends with Gabriella.
We'll all be back in Jerusalem at the hotel on Friday. By then, I expect I'll have met 10 more people who know someone I know.