Thursday, August 21, 2008

Israel:The Blog -- Day Four

It must be mentioned that we have hit Israel at a time between two religious holidays so the Ultra Orthodox are everywhere, particularly here in Galilee. While I don't mind it that much, it is driving Dafna crazy since we are often stuck in traffic. It has also caused us to begin our days very early in order to beat the crowds. This actually works quite well since the result is that we are back at the hotel early enough to relax at the pool for a few hours before dinner.

This morning we started out with a drive high into the mountains and along the Lebanese border. Although the haze spoiled much of the view, the amount of agriculture in such a high, dry and hot climate was striking.

Our first stop was Manara Cliff, a general all-purpose "adventure" center. There wasn't all that much "adventure" here but Ellery and I took the cable car up the mountain and then repelled down, an activity we hadn't done before. Ellery handled it like a pro. Me, not so much.

From there it was on to the Jordan River for a few hours of what might have been rafting if there was a bit more water but instead was a nice, relaxing float. The water was cool and Ellery ended up swimming most of the way

The last stop of the day was Zfat, the mystical town of Kabbalah and art. Ellery and I both loved this place for its many art galleries and Sephardic flair.
Then it was back to Tiberias and the swimming pool.